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Vol. 9, No. 1 (December, 2009)

Preface for special issue of proceedings at the 4th international symposium, Kumamoto, November/December, 2009
Takashi Yano
Design procedure applying theory of temporal and spatial environment
Yoichi Ando

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Auxiliary equipments: how they can affect hall's acoustical quality
Alessandro Cocchi, Giovanni Semprini and Ryota Shimokurao

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Simulation of room impulse response by using hybrid method of wave and geometrical acoustics
Wang Hong-wei,Huang Kun-peng

Abstract | PDF (281kB)

Reverberance in relation to the orthogonal factors of sound field
Shin-ichi Sato, Yoichi Ando

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Temporal change of train noise in underground stations
Ryota Shimokura, Yoshiharu Soeta

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Comparison of noise characteristics in airplanes and high-speed trains
Yoshiharu Soeta, Ryota Shimokura

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Simulation and Calculation of the Four Acoustic Parameters in Rooms Acoustical Fields
LI Yun-jiang

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A fundamental investigation on geometrical acoustic prediction method of sound fields with scattering coefficients for room boundary
Kunitaka Nakanoa, Hiroshi Furuyab and Soichiro Kurokic

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Investigation of the Relationship between Noise Controls and Human Behaviours in the General Hospital Buildings of the Central Taiwan
Chiung Yao Chen, Kuo Feng Hung and Jui Ling Cheno

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Sound power level measurement of Zhonghu, a Chinese bowed stringed instrument
Yuezhe Zhao, Shuoxian Wu, Jianzhen Qiu, Hong Huang and Liling Wu

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A study on measures of timbre of electric guitar sounds in terms of power spectrum and auto correlation function
Shogo Kaieda, Keiji Kawai, Takashi Yano and Yoichi Ando

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Broken symmetry of spatial and temporal design in Japanese temple
Ken ITO, Ryota SHIMOKURA, Yoshiharu SOETA , Tomohiro OHSAWA , Shin-ichi SATO and Yoichi ANDO

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ACF analysis on Japanese buddhist chant
Tomohiro OHSAWA, Ryota SHIMOKURA, Shin-ichi SATO, Yoshiharu SOETA, Ken ITO and Yoichi ANDO

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Several measurements on stressed resonators --- from violin without sound post up to bell cricket
Ken ITO, Yoshiharu SOETA, Tomohiro OHSAWA, Shin-ichi SATO, Ryota SHIMOKURA,, Yoshiyasu TAKEFUJI, Hajime OHIWA and Yoichi ANDO

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The effects of controlling strategies on chemical air pollution in the office
Asako Hasegawa, Eriko Takehiro and Takeshi Wakui

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The feasibility of direct connection in district heating system in Korea through the case studies
Jong Soo Seong, Young Min Jeong , Chul Goo Lee and Jang Yeul Sohn

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A comparison of CO2 emission in apartment buildings according to the insulation performance by life cycle assessment
Hye Sung Yang, Jae Gyu Shin, Yu Min Kim, Soon Joo Kang and Jang Yeul Sohn

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Investigation and analysis for the current condition of rural residential energy consumption in Jilin, China
Jindan Cui, Xindong Wei, Haixia Wu and Xiaoxuan Wang

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Countermeasures research on Chinafs promotion of solar building
CHEN Lin, ZHANG Jin-shui and Li Yun-jiang

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Global comfort: The occidental view of temporal design
Alessandro Cocchi , Yoichi Ando

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Constitutive model and finite element procedure for the analysis of the inelastic behavior of steel columns in fire
Takeshi Okabe

Abstract | PDF (776kB)

Verification of steel constitutive models in Japanese and European fire-resistant design codes
Takeshi Okabe

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Social radar brain|evaluation and control of circulation societies
Hiroshi Kawamura

Abstract | PDF (393kB)

A survey on facades of buildings in a hot spring village where a voluntary agreement exists for preserving townscape
Takafumi Inoue, Keiji Kawai and Hiroshi Ueda

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GIS-based noise spatial analysis

Abstract | PDF (481kB)

Sound and video recording for Chinese Classical Gardenfs soundscape database
Yuan Xiao-mei, Huang Kun-peng

Abstract | PDF (516kB)

Model of gunconscioush duration experience while listen to music and noise
Yoichi Ando, Tamao Ando

Abstract | PDF (356kB)

Some considerations about the integration of r-ACF
Dario D'Orazio, Massimo Garai

Abstract | PDF (376kB)

Rediscovering the auditory temporal window ? consequences on the acoustics science
Alejandro Bidondo

Abstract | PDF (466kB)

Method for estimating pitch independently from power spectrum envelope for speech and musical signal
Yoshifumi Hara, Mitsuo Matsumoto and Kazunori Miyoshi

Abstract | PDF (522kB)

Temporal modulation perception of bone-conducted ultrasound
Takuya Hotehama, Seiji Nakagawa

Abstract | PDF (344kB)

Adaptation effects on cortical activities for AM flickering lights
Yosuke Okamoto, Seiji Nakagawa

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Analysis of non-acoustic effects on noise annoyance caused by the Shinkansen Railway
Shigenori Yokoshima, Takashi Morihara , Atsushi Ota and Akihiro Tamura

Abstract | PDF (253kB)

Annoyance caused by single and combined noise exposure from aircraft and road traffic
Jiyoung Hong, Jaehwan Kim, Kyutae Kim,Yoonho Jo and Soogab Lee

Abstract | PDF (925kB)

Three-dimensional analysis of wave propagation in rectangular ventilation unit
Nishimura Yuya, Nishimura Sohei, Nishimura Tsuyoshi and Yano Takashi

Abstract | PDF (364kB)

Longitudinal study on community response to noise in Vietnam and Kumamoto
Hiroyuki Tetsuya, Yasuhiro Murakami and Takashi Yano

Abstract | PDF (477kB)

Road traffic noise policy in Vietnam
Hai Yen Thi Phan, Takashi Yan

Abstract | PDF (385kB)

Social survey on community response to aircraft noise in Ho Chi Minh City
Nguyen Thu Lan, Takashi Yano, Tsuyoshi Nishimura and Tetsumi Sato

Abstract | PDF (450kB)

An experimental study on blast resistance of polyethylene fiber reinforced concrete
Makoto Yamaguchi, Kiyoshi Murakami, Koji Takeda and Yoshiyuki Mitsui

Abstract | PDF (725kB)

Three-dimensional analysis of windows soundproofing for countries with tropical climates
Nishimura Yuya, Nishimura Sohei, Nishimura Tsuyoshi and Yano Takashi

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