Vol. 9, No. 1 (December, 2009)

Simulation of room impulse response by using hybrid method of wave and geometrical acoustics
Wang Hong-wei,Huang Kun-peng

More and more attention has been paid to the auralization during the past few years. In this paper, the auralization technique was reviewed at first. Then, to realize the hybrid broad-spectrum simulation in the auditorium including the low frequency, an improved hybrid algorithm, which combines geometric acoustics and the wave acoustics method, has been proposed. The middle and the high frequency of the impulse response were simulated by using Odeon software, while the low frequency of the impulse response was simulated through the FDTD method. The method can deal with truly lower frequency bands simultaneously by using the low frequency. Furthermore, the phase of the impulse was reconstructed through the Hilbert transform. The results validated the applicability of the improved method and they have also shown that FDTD can improve auralization, although it not always create more virtual sound field.

Key words: subjective preference, auralizationg;impulse response;convolution;subjective experiment;phase reconstruction;FDTD

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