Vol. 9, No. 1 (December, 2009)

An experimental study on blast resistance of polyethylene fiber reinforced concrete
Makoto Yamaguchi, Kiyoshi Murakami, Koji Takeda and Yoshiyuki Mitsui

When designing blast resistant structures, reducing spall damage due to reflected tensile stress waves is the most significant problem. To investigate the application of polyethylene fiber reinforced concrete (PEFRC) with high toughness for use in blast resistant structures, experimental investigations were conducted to evaluate the damage to the PEFRC slabs subjected to contact detonation. As a result, it was shown that PEFRC was effective in reducing the spall due to contact detonation as compared with normal concrete. Moreover, a formula for estimating damage depth to the PEFRC slab subjected to contact detonation was derived based on the test results.

Key words: Polyethylene fiber reinforced concrete, Blast resistance, Contact detonation, Crater, Spall, Flexural toughness

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