Vol. 9, No. 1 (December, 2009)

Simulation and Calculation of the Four Acoustic Parameters in Rooms Acoustical Fields
LI Yun-jiang

A concise algorithm has been suggested based on Image-Source Method that can implement the quick judgment to the position of next image. Visualization simulation of room sound field has been realized by a program in Matlab, Impulse Response of specified receivers in a room can be also obtained. According to the theory of four orthogonal physical factors that influence room acoustics that has been proposed by Yoichi Ando, the program in Matlab developed by this paper can calculate these four orthogonal physical factors at any receivers in the room. Also, the Scale Values (SV) of subjective preferences at any specified receivers are calculated and the isolines of these parameters are rendered respectively, the total SV of subjective preferences of three acoustic parameters is also obtained, these calculated results are well consistent with the conclusions of existing literatures

Key words: Four acoustic parameters, Acoustics simulation, Room acoustics field

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