Vol. 9, No. 1 (December, 2009)

Sound Power Level Measurement of Zhonghu, a Chinese Bowed Stringed Instrument
Yuezhe Zhao, Shuoxian Wu, Jianzhen Qiu, Hong Huang and Liling Wu

Zhonghu, as a Chinese alto bowed stringed instrument, is popularly used in Chinese national orchestra. As a part of the systemic measurement work of the sound power levels (SWL) radiated by Chinese musical instruments, the determination of the SWLs of the Zhonghu is reported. The measurement was performed in a reverberation chamber. Considering the differences among musical instruments and among musicians, two professional players were invited to play their own instrument respectively in the chamber. The radiated SWLs and the dynamic ranges of the Zhonghu instruments were investigated by 4 - channel acoustic measuring equipments. Typical sound power values of the Zhonghu instruments were obtained through averaging when melodies, music scale and single notes are performed under pp, mp, f and ff dynamics respectively. The SWLs of Zhonghu were compared with that of other Chinese two-bowed stringed instruments. Clear difference can be found from their SWL spectra.

Key words: Zhonghu, sound power level, measurement, Chinese bowed string instrument

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