Vol. 9, No. 1 (December, 2009)

Global comfort: The occidental view of temporal design
Alessandro Cocchi , Yoichi Ando

Does temporal design represent a magic word or an instrument able to help the man to really design a humanfs sized world?This was the first question that arose when Prof. Cocchi met Prof. Yoichi Ando in Rimini about ten years ago: in this occasion Ando tried to explain its new idea, resulting from his experience in the field of human sensation of stimuli coming from the world surrounding us.In the time elapsed from then on, already three International Symposia on this subject have been carried out in eastern countries, the forth will be held in Korea, may be the fifth will be organized in Europe: if this will be the idea, it seems very important to involve the western researchers and try to met Occidental and Oriental approaches to human well being in a world that becomes more and more adverse.


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