Vol. 9, No. 1 (December, 2009)

A comparison of CO2 emission in apartment buildings according to the insulation performance by life cycle assessment
Hye Sung Yang, Jae Gyu Shin, Yu Min Kim, Soon Joo Kang and Jang Yeul Sohn

As time passes, the equipment of apartment buildings has been outdated and also the performance of the insulation of them has been deteriorated. Subsequently, the consumption of the energy and the emission of CO2 have been increased. By improving the insulation performance of houses, the CO2 emission which is a major contributor of greenhouse effect can be decreased. In this research, the CO2 emission from apartment buildings during whole life cycle is evaluated and compared one another according to the insulation performance. As a result, in the whole life cycle of buildings, CO2 emission is 347.25(TON-CO2/a unit) in the case of apartments in 1990fs, 275.17 (TON- CO2/a unit) in the case of general apartment in 2008, 220.91 (TON- CO2/a unit) in the case of Green Home performance, and 182.16(TON-CO2/ a unit) in the case of passive house performance.

Key words: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), CO2 emission, Insulation Material, Apartments, Reconstruction

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