Vol. 9, No. 1 (December, 2009)

Investigation of the Relationship between Noise Controls and Human Behaviours in the General Hospital Buildings of the Central Taiwan
Chiung Yao Chen, Kuo Feng Hung and Jui Ling Chen

Noise problem in hospitals is a serious issue. There are two noise sources inside and outside the hospitals. For example, all electromechanical equipment (HVAC system, Laundryc etc.) is noise source of inside the hospital. Outside noise source of the hospital is also important as traffic could cause a lot of high noise level inside the hospital. It can cause nuisance to the doctor, staff and to the patients. People at hospitals need to get rest more than anyone else, but the present noise situation could be very harmful to the patients. In this study, a series of noise level measurements at 11 comprehensive hospitals (single lobby) in central Taiwan have been executed. We found the noise levels are averaged from 60 to 65 dBA through the noise level of equivalent quantity (Leq) using 15 minute integration for 24 hours period. These noise levels are higher than 55 dBA of Noise Control Standards in Taiwan. The noisy level questionnaire was employed to survey how noisy does in the hospitalfs lobby hall, too. We found the noisy levels derived from psychological survey are correlated well with the noisy cumulated rate (NCR), and the complex functioning of architectural planning in lobby may be in accordance with them.

Key words: Subjective preference, ASW

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