Vol. 9, No. 1 (December, 2009)

Countermeasures research on Chinafs promotion of solar building
CHEN Lin, ZHANG Jin-shui and Li Yun-jiang

It shows the huge and practical demand in the development of Chinese solar building. With SWOT analysis, the paper presents the reasons why the deciders of China have much enthusiasm for promoting solar building but with users in power shortage. Although China is eager for energy, it is imperative in energy conservation of building without showing the smooth application for solar
building. Through the brief reviews on the solar technology application process, this thesis suggests the countermeasures on China promoting solar building and points out that itfs the solar building promoting measure to strengthen the social awareness of energy conservation, horizontal united research, vertical united management, adopt multidimensional incentives, and promote proactively.

Key words: Solar building; SWOT analysis; Countermeasure research

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