Vol. 9, No. 1 (December, 2009)

Investigation and analysis for the current condition of rural residential energy consumption in Jilin, China
Jindan Cui, Xindong Wei, Haixia Wu and Xiaoxuan Wang

This paper investigates and analyses 100 households of rural residential energy consumption practically by selecting Jilin Province, which is located in Northeast China, as a model. The research chooses 5 different regions to make the investigation to the energy consumption for per household, per building area and per person. Based on the research, there are small differences in the same region, while there is wide variation of average between the different regions. Every region uses more than 90 percent of clean energy including culm, firewood and brushwood, and it also uses electricity and liquefied gas that only account for less than 10 percent. This paper draws the conclusion that per household energy consumption of winter is much bigger than that of summer in every region as well.

Key words: Investigation, Analysis, Rural residence, Energy consumption, Jilin, China

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