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Vol. 6, No. 1 (December, 2006)

Special Issue on gTemporal Design (TD)h - Conference Proceedings from the Second International Symposium on TD 2005--Preface
Yoshiharu Soeta

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Reviews on the Temporal Design for Three Stages of Human Life. Most unlikely gtime is money,h but gtime is life.h
Yoichi Ando

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Design of a Hillside House in Kirishima with a Small Office
Thomas L. Bosworth and Yoichi Ando

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An Idea of an Emergent and Multiple-evolutionary Design System for Architecture, Cities and Society Using Multiple Genetic Algorithms
Yuichiro Yamabe, Hiroshi Kawamura and Akinori Tani

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Investigation of the Relation Between (te)min and Operatic Singing with Different Vibrato Styles
Kosuke Kato, Takatsugu Hirawa, Keiji Kawai, Takashi Yano and Yoichi Ando

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Seasonal Effects of a Tree Belt on Community Response to Roadtraffic Noise: A Social Survey in Tomakomai
Tetsumi Sato, Takashi Yano, Takashi Morihara

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Vol. 6, No. 2 (December, 2006)

Foreword to the Special Column of the gRenaissance Conferenceh
Yoichi Ando

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--Special Issue for the 2ISTD opened to the Public in Kokubu--

Jomon Culture in Kagoshima and Uenohara Site
Koichi Shinto

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A Historical Review of the New Kirishima City Area, where People, Nature and Culture are United
Ikuko Ono, Kazue Ijichi, Keiko Kuwano, Sumiko Koba, Tomoko Fujisaki, Noriko Takenoshita, Harue Ohara, Hiroko Unoki, Hideko Fujisaki and Machiko Honda

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The Yamagano Gold Mine Revisited
Kazuhide Arikawa

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Panel Discussion on the Temporal Urban Design Toward the New Kirishima City to be Operated in Coming November, 2005
Thomas L Bosworth, Roberto Pompoli, Wu Shuoxian and Jin Yong Jeon

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Vol. 6, No. 3 (December, 2006)

Special Issue for the 2nd ISTD, Demonstration blending Sound Sources and Sound Fields
Shin-ichi Sato and Yoichi Ando

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The relationship between music and the concert hall (including the cello performance)
Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi

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--Demonstrations "Harmony of music and acoustical science"--

A domonstration of the marriage of musical performance and a given sound field by misicians' interpretation styles
Kosuke Kato and Kenji Fujii

Demo pages

Subjective preference in terms of temporal factors
Shin-ichi Sato

Demo pages

Aural demonstration of the acoustic qualities at different seating positions in a concert hall
Kenji Fujii and Takuya Hotehama

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