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Vol. 4, No. 1 (December, 2004)

Special Issue on gTemporal Design (TD)h - Conference Proceedings from the First International Symposium on TD 2003--Preface
Yoichi Ando

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On the Temporal Design of Environments
Yoichi Ando

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Recent Works with Natural Light: Six gTh Houses and a Building with Two Faces
Thomas L. Bosworth

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Individual Preference in Relation to the Temporal and Spatial Factors of the Sound Field: Factors affecting Individual Differences in Subjective Preference Judgments
Soichiro Kuroki, Masumi Hamada, Hiroyuki Sakai and Yoichi Ando

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Acoustic Design of Theatres Applying Genetic Algorithms
Shin-ichi Sato, Tatsuro Hayashi, Atsushi Takizawa, Akinori Tani, Hiroshi Kawamura and Yoichi Ando

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Edge Diffraction and Surface Scattering in Concert Halls: Physical and Perceptual Aspects
Rendell R. Torres, Nicolas de Rycker and Mendel Kleiner

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Spatial Distribution of Acoustical Parameters in Concert Halls: Comparison of Different Scattered Reflections
Kenji Fujii, Takuya Hotehama, Kosuke Kato, Ryota Shimokura, Yosuke Okamoto, Yukio Suzumura and Yoichi Ando

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