Vol. 4, No. 1 (December, 2004)

Acoustic Design of Theatres Applying Genetic Algorithms
Shin-ichi Sato, Tatsuro Hayashi, Atsushi Takizawa, Akinori Tani, Hiroshi Kawamura and Yoichi Ando

An optimization system based on genetic algorithms (GAs) - simulating an evolutionary feedback for the design of theatres - was developed. The first GA model was an optimization of the walls and the ceiling of a hall of the wide-shoebox type. The second model was an optimization of reflectors for a fan shaped outdoor theatre. The final results show that the optimized forms from both models are complex, uneven space forms, but the resulting sound field at each seating position has a high scale value of subjective preference.

Key words: genetic algorithms, acoustic design, theory of subjective preference

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