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Vol.12, No.1 (April, 2014)

Special Issue on gArchitectural and Environmental Design on Temporal Design (TD)h Conference Proceeding from the Sixth International Symposium on TD 2013

Chiung Yao Chen                                                                |Download (8KB)


Environmental design for the third stage of human life

(persistence of individual creations)

Yoichi Ando                                                                       |Download(140KB)


Room Noise Filtering by Shunted Loudspeaker

Yumin Zhang, Zeyi Zhang and Lixi Huang                                 |Download(412KB)


An Introduction to the Third and Fourth Stages of Human Life: Recovering from Difficulties and Illness

Koji Danjo                                                                         |Download(315KB)


Temporal and spatial designing in architecture

Akio Takatsu                                                                     |Download(1716KB)


Reaction to Road Traffic and Aircraft Noise in Hanoi and Ho chi Minh City

Thu Lan Nguyen, Takashi Yano, Quang Nguyen Huy, Tsuyoshi Nishimura, Tetsumi Sato, Takashi Morihara and Yoritaka Hashimoto                   

48-51                                                                              |Download(150KB)

Series of Experiments for SPVG analysis

Sohei Nishimura , Yuya Nishimura and Tsuyoshi Nishimura         |Download(2415KB)


Characteristics of noise and vibration from Kyushu, Sanyo, and Tokaido Shinkansen Lines

Hiroyuki Tetsuya, Takashi Yano, Shigenori Yokoshima, Atushi Ota, Takashi Morihara and Yasuhiro Murakami                               

59-67                                                                              |Download(212KB)

Spatial distribution of monaural normal descriptors in eight historical Italian theaters

Simona De Cesaris , Dario DfOrazio and Massimo Garai            |Download(655KB)


Musician-oriented stage measurements in Italian historical theatres

Dario DfOrazio, Valentina Silingardi, Simona De Cesaris and Massimo Garai

76-82                                                                              |Download(557KB)

Loudness of an Impact Sound

Hiroshi Morimoto                                                               |Download(471KB)


Method of Acoustical Estimation of an Auditorium

Hiroshi Morimoto                                                               |Download(3367KB)


Sustainable way of Living

Hiroshi Morimoto                                                               |Download(988KB)


Transient Responses of Human Sensory Systems

Hiroshi Morimoto                                                               |Download(2813KB)


Aural cartilage vibration and sound measured in the external auditory canal for several transducer positions

Ryota Shimokura, Hiroshi Hosoi, Tadashi Nishimura and Toshiaki Yamanaka

137-143                                                                           |Download(521KB)

Control of Vibration in Steel Structures by Base-isolation System Using Friction Dampers

Ryota Nakamura and Minoru Yamanari                                  |Download(129KB)


Application of Psychoacoustics and Sound Quality Assessment in Noise Control in Rooms                                             

Wei-Hui Wang                                                                    |Download(443KB)


Acoustic characteristics of road traffic noise and casement windows in Vietnam

Yuya Nishimura, Sohei Nishimura and Tsuyoshi Nishimura           |Download(136KB)


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