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Vol. 3, No. 1 (December, 2003)

Special Issue on "Brain Activities Corresponding to Subjective Response through Auditory, Visual and Taste Senses"--Preface
Yoichi Ando

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Investigations on Cerebral Hemisphere Activities Related to Subjective Preference of the Sound Field, Published for 1983 - 2003
Yoichi Ando

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Spatial Analysis of Magnetoencephalographic Activities in Relation to Subjective Preference for a Sound Field
Yoshiharu Soeta, Seiji Nakagawa, Mitsuo Tonoike and Yoichi Ando

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Analysis of EEG Relating to Subjective Preference for Horizontal Visual Motion
Yosuke Okamoto, Yoshiharu Soeta, and Yoichi Ando

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Olfactory Cognitive Response Using Odorant Odd-ball Paradigm by Magnetoencephalography
Mitsuo Tonoike, Masahiko Yamaguchi, and Isao Kaetsu

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Effects of Duration and Number of Onset/offsets in a Sound on Auditory Evoked Brain Magnetic Fields
Seiji Nakagawa, Toshiaki Imada, and Shoogo Ueno

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Propagation of Alpha Waves Corresponding to Subjective Preference from the Right Hemisphere to the Left with Changes in the IACC of a Sound Field
Shin-ichi Sato, Kazuki Nishio, and Yoichi Ando

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Subjective Preference for Movements of a Circular Stimulus: A Case of Sinusoidal Movement in Vertical and Horizontal Directions
Yoshiharu Soeta, Keisaku Ohtori, and Yoichi Ando

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