Vol. 3, No. 1 (December, 2003)

Subjective Preference for Movements of a Circular Stimulus: A Case of Sinusoidal Movement in Vertical and Horizontal Directions
Yoshiharu Soeta, Keisaku Ohtori, and Yoichi Ando

Preference judgments using the paired-comparison method for sinusoidal movements of a single circular target in vertical and horizontal directions on a monitor screen were performed. Results showed that the periods preferred ([T]p) by the subjects for both directional stimuli are observed to be roughly 1.0 s. However, the significant difference was found in that the preferred period averaged about 0.97 s for the vertical direction and about 1.26 s for the horizontal direction. Subjective preference for vertical movement was more sensitive than that for horizontal movement in the fast-moving range.

Key words: subjective preference, movement of a visual stimulus, paired-comparison method

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