Vol. 11, No. 1 (December, 2011)

Reaction to Road Traffic and Aircraft Noises in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
Thu Lan Nguyen, Takashi Yano, Quang Nguyen Huy, Tsuyoshi Nishimura, Tetsumi Sato, Takashi Morihara, Yoritaka Hashimoto

To formulate Vietnamese and global noise policies, community response to transportation noise has been investigated in Vietnam. Two large-scale socio-acoustic surveys on community response to road traffic noise were conducted in Hanoi 2005 and in Ho Chi Minh 2007 and then two other surveys on the impact of aircraft noise in Ho Chi Minh City 2008 and in Hanoi 2009. In total, 2974 and 2959 responses were obtained in road traffic and aircraft noise surveys, respectively. The dose-response curve for road traffic noise almost coincided with the EU's curve, while the curve for aircraft noise was slightly higher than EU’s. For the same noise exposure, the noise annoyance in Hanoi was higher than that in Ho Chi Minh City because of the lower background noise level in Hanoi.

Keywords: Aircraft Noise, Road Traffic Noise, Dose-response Relationship

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