Vol. 11, No. 1 (December, 2011)

A.G.A.T.A.: A GUI for Ando’s Temporal Analysis
Simona De Cesaris , Dario D’Orazioa, Massimo Garai

A.G.A.T.A. is a Matlab-based interface which implements literature methods and original proposals concerning analysis methods of sound signals to extract the parameters used in the Ando’s theory of subjective preference.
Main requirements for the software package are the robustness of the implemented algorithms and the user control over each evaluated quantity. In this regard, all the parameters needed for any specific computation are user-selectable to give complete control on the performed computations.
In this way the software offers to the user many possibilities, i.e. wide versatility. The completeness of the features and the availability of a graphic user interface (GUI) make temporal analysis easier and useful.
The A.G.A.T.A. software is primarily a research tool due to the wide set of possibilities it offers, but it can also be used by other type of users.
Some examples of temporal factors extracted from different sound signals are proposed.

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