Vol. 8, No. 1 (December, 2008)

Effect of the repetitive components of a noise on loudness
Yoshiharu Soeta and Seiji Nakagawa

To determine the effect of the repetitive component of a noise, which is characterized by the effective duration of the autocorrelation function, te, the loudness of iterated rippled noises (IRNs) with different numbers of iterations and delay times under conditions of equal sound pressure was examined. Loudness matches were obtained using a twointerval, adaptive forced-choice procedure converging on the point of subjective equality following a simple 1-up, 1-down rule. Results indicated that the loudness of IRNs increased with increasing te, from 10 to 100 ms, indicating the repetitive components of noises could affect their loudness in certain ranges of te. The increase in loudness for the te values from 10 and 100 ms corresponded to an approximately 5 dB increase in SPL.

Key words: loudness, autocorrelation function, critical band, pitch, pitch strength

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