Vol. 2, No. 1 (July, 2002)

Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Floor Impact Noise
Jin Yong Jeon, Joeng Ho Jeong and Yoichi Ando

Floor impact noise has been evaluated by investigating the temporal and spectral characteristics of the noise. The noises generated by different impactors were analyzed to find out whether there is any correlation with the factors of ACF/IACF (Autocorrelation Function/Inter-aural Cross-correlation Function) [1] and Zwicker parameters [2]. Experiments were undertaken to compare the objective and subjective parameters of the floor impact noises generated by a bang/tapping machine, a rubber ball [3], and a walker. As a result, it was found that F(0) and IACC extracted from ACF/IACF, and Loudness, Unbiased Annoyance from Zwicker parameters showed high correlation with subjective evaluations of loudness concerning floor impact noises. In addition, it was revealed that jumping is similar to the ball.

Key words: floor impact noise, subjective evaluation, ACF/IACF, Zwicker parameters

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